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Another reader logo submission?

Not sure if this qualifies as a new logo.

It was sent to me with the comment

“This celeb is cheaper than Fabio to sponsor”


Third (and final?) set of logo drafts

We thought about taking a different direction on this set of logos. Did we go to far?

Again, thanks for all your comments – they’ve been really helpful. Leave some good comments below.

Draft Logo 5:

Draft Logo 6:

Reader logo submission

Some readers have taken our request for feedback to a whole new level. Lloyd Graves has gone so far as to create his own dwellicious logo. Got to love the enthusiasm! Below is Lloyd’s rendering.

One good thing deserves another so I thought I would give Lloyd a small plug…

Everyone knows Lloyd but what you might not know is that Lloyd has started his own consulting firm, RealAlliance Consulting, LLC. You can reach him at

Thanks again Lloyd!

The journey is the reward

Today we are officially kicking off our new WRG Blog, “Lightning Twice”. The name of the blog comes from our past. In 1992 Dan and I, and our friends Eddie and Maggie, started a software company called IRIS, LLC. At IRIS our products were all branded under the moniker, “Lightning”. Lightning products followed our motto at IRIS, “computer software for non-computer people”; simple and elegant applications that were very intuitive.

So we are back at it again, as WRG, hoping to create “the next big thing” in online real estate and hoping Lightning does indeed strike twice for us.

In this blog we hope to cover our experiences with building a self-funded start-up, the real estate industry, technology, and maybe a few personal observations. We hope to keep things interesting so you’ll keep checking on our progress down our new path.