1,000 true fans….

Something showed up in my Google Reader that I thought was absolutely brilliant. It’s a post from Kevin Kelly’s Blog “THE TECHNIUM”. Which you should be checking out-BTW. The title of the post is “1,000 True Fans“. The post reminded me about the reasons behind us starting a new software company.

One of the things that Dan and I talked about before starting our new company was the goal of not growing too fast, staying small. 37Signals’ book Getting Real said it best.

Be Yourself-
Differentiate yourself from bigger companies by being personal and friendly
A lot of small companies make the mistake of trying to act big. It’s as if they percieve their size as a weakness that needs to be covered up….
Small companies enjoy fewer formalities, less bureaucracy, and more freedom. Smaller companies are closer to the customer by default. That means they can communicate in a more direct and personal way with customers.”

Dan and I want to create great products. We might have a lot fewer users than bigger companies (Is that such a bad thing?) We might have a few less features than other products (Is that such a bad thing?) Keeping things smaller affords us the luxury of focus and attention (yes, I said “luxury”). Focus and attention on our customers and products. We hope, with this approach, to find a few fans of our own.


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