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Dwellicious video screencast- “Behind The Scenes”

Introducing our first Dwellicious screencast! I ended up using a program called iShowU HD. I was very happy with how well it worked, and how it integrated with iMovie 08.

I really hate just the static screenshot with a voice over. You normally can’t read what people are typing and they just get too boring. With iShowU HD I was able to zoom-in to certain sections of the screen so you could see what was being typed, and it broke up the action to keep things moving.

I decided to do music in the background with titles describing the action (no voice over). I knew the music had to be an instrumental. I’m a big John Coltrane fan so I just picked out a song that worked, which to me was “My Favorite Things”. It seemed fitting for a site letting you pick out your favorite homes.

Depending on your internet connection you might want to press Play, then Pause it and wait for it to load so you doesn’t get too choppy.

We are creating other videos that may be more “traditional” (would love some input on this). But I wanted to start off with something fun.

iMovie 08 was helpful when I put together the last 30 secs of the video where I created a “build up” with a series of text place-cards and logos then ended on credits.

I also did a “REMIX” of the screencast with different music and no titles. I extended the last bit to last almost a minute. If you are interested check it out here.



Economy?, We don’t need no stinkin’ ecomony!


“But for any given team of founders, would it not pay to wait till the economy is better before taking the leap? If you’re starting a restaurant, maybe, but not if you’re working on technology. Technology progresses more or less independently of the stock market. So for any given idea, the payoff for acting fast in a bad economy will be higher than for waiting. Microsoft’s first product was a Basic interpreter for the Altair. That was exactly what the world needed in 1975, but if Gates and Allen had decided to wait a few years, it would have been too late.”

Paul Graham on Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy

Working on creating a Dwellicious video

I’m putting together a video that will give users a brief overview about the main features and benefits of Dwellicious. I’m hoping to post it next week. This is just one of several videos we plan to produce.

Just finished writing the script yesterday. Dan went over it and gave me some feedback. Now I’m putting together my list of screen shots.


My voice hasn’t really recovered from NAR and I’ve got a cough. So I’m not quite ready to do the voice over work as of yet. Plus I’m a little nervous of how my voice will come across. Lots of excuses!!!

I’m thinking of using a technique I’ve used in the past where I point the camera directly at the computer screen and film it. Since it’s an LCD I typically don’t get refresh lines. I just don’t want to spend the money on Camtasia right now and would rather film using a Mac.

Once I have all my shots created I’ll put the video together using iMovie and then add my voice over.

Just another day in the life at Dwellicious! Francis Ford Coppola look out!!

A bigger stage


Over the weekend Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable wrote a post about Dwellicious. Mashable, for those of you that don’t know, is a popular blog (about 5 Million page views each month) focused on social networks and new websites. It’s one of my favorites sites to find out what’s new on the web, so I thought it was very cool to get a post about Dwellicious on their well respected site.

Like any “review” it is interesting to see what someone (especially outside the real estate industry) found interesting about the site and what they missed. I was impressed that they picked up on our “smart bookmarks”, meaning the bookmarks update when things change about the listings. But I was disappointed that they didn’t pick up on the decision making tools we include for each bookmarked listing.

What they also didn’t know was they were seeing only half of the application. We have a few other tricks up our sleeve when we start adding the broker/agent back end. Which I promise will be amazing.

My Google alert for “Dwellicious” is going crazy right now as the Mashable post is being picked up by other new services and other bloggers are writing their own riffs on the story.

But this is exactly why Dan and I wanted to start out with a web application like Dwellicious. It’s fun to big on a bigger stage, but we also need to be careful what we wish for.

WAV Group names Dwellicious “Most Innovative of Show” for NAR 2008!

Right out of the gate Dwellicious is already generating some buzzzzzzzzz!

In Wav Group’s Blog Victor Lund singled out Dwellicious as “Most Innovative of Show” for NAR 2008 stating;

“WAV Group’s pick for most innovative new product at NARLANDO.

It is always refreshing when the WAV Group gets to see new technology products early on in their development. Like a lime in a corona, dwellicious is cool and refreshing. Having previously developed dozens of products over the years, Dan and Greg have hit one that may cast themselves well beyond the eNeighborhoods boat.

The positioning for the product is simple. We know that consumers are going to 4 or more websites in their search for a home. We know that they hate to register to keep the information they want to save from each site. We know that social bookmarking is a hugely popular internet feature (aka Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious).

With dwellicious, consumers can bookmark listings from any site they like, and its free!

For agents, it will be a great prospecting tool for buyers. They will be able to market their listings and services to consumers who are already expressing interest in similar homes.

Wouldn’t it be great if an agent bookmarked the location of their listed properties on all of the syndication sites?

The boys have a great product – stay tuned for their public launch.”


Dwellicious pre-launch

Well, we are back from NAR and the buzz is just starting to get out there. We gave over 18 demos in our suite at the Westin Imagine hotel.

We did a podcast with Dan Rothamel, Mike Cutlip, and Chris McKeever about Dwellicious in the CRT Bloggers Lounge. See the whole thing here.

Jeff Ostrowski from the Palm Beach got a demo and interviewed us.

Not a bad start for our new baby Dwellicious. Thanks for your continuing support.

BTW- If you want to participate in the Dwellicious beta program, let us know.

Final Dwellicious logo design!

We are proud to reveal the final logo design for our new web application!


Many thanks to everyone who participated!

See you in Orlando! Don’t forget to ask Dan or I for some free Dwellicious schwag!