Enabling Dwellicious for single property web sites

Dwellicious currently works best with a couple dozen of the most popular real estate search portals – see an up to date list here.  We’ve created a special indexer for each of these sites so that when you bookmark a listing there, we can properly index the listing data.  We check back to the bookmarked page periodically so that we can notify you when changes are made to the listing – when the price changes, photos are added, the listing goes off market, etc.  We’re adding more indexers for more popular sites all the time.  But what if you want to make your single property web site work with Dwellicious?

Single property web sites typically have a unique url representing that unique property – like ‘123mainstreethuntingtonbeach.com’ (hurry – it’s not taken yet!).  It doesn’t make any sense to have you e-mail us begging to make an indexer that will work with every one of these unique domains you come up with, so we’ve provided a simple way for you to embed the listing data directly into your page.  You can see the details at our developers page – it involves embedding something called a ‘JSON array’ into the page source.  It’s actually easier than it sounds.  Dwellicious looks for that array if it doesn’t recognize the domain name, so you can control exactly what information Dwellicious indexes.

That developers page also has information about adding the Dwellicious “chiclet” to your listing pages, so you can make it super easy for your users to bookmark your listings.  A chiclet is a graphical link to create a bookmark, similar to links you see on articles to “Digg” or “Delicious”. Here’s an example of one of ours:


For a great example of a single property web site, see http://www.6599ecarnegieave.comSterling Guelich built this site for Realtor Tony Dove.  He added both the special listing data (the JSON array) and the Dwellicious chiclet to encourage consumers to bookmark the listing and to ensure the listing data is always accurate and up to date.  Nice job!  I’m guessing the great web page helped Tony get this one sold.


2 Responses to “Enabling Dwellicious for single property web sites”

  1. 1 Dave January 30, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    One thought (that I’m guessing you’ve already had) – have you considered approaching site producers – either agent sites or broker sites – and working with them to integrate the JSON array and logo on their pages for all properties they display? They can offer it to their clients as an added feature and it introduces the feature to the agents/brokers.

  2. 2 Gini Thompson March 13, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    This exciting stuff. Want to learn more to be a better listing agent!

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