Maybe we’re on to something….

There have been a few posts lately from various blogs in the past week talking about Dwellicious and/or tools that provide some of the same functionality. Good to see that the idea is catching on…
The Move Towards Collaborative Search Online
“This is largely an activity that to date has largely only happened offline. Collaborating with a spouse or partner in a house hunt is certainly nothing new, as is passing around a listing sheet or property flyer to friends and family. But you now have a whole breed of web-based applications (Dwellicious also springs to mind) that are helping better enable this activity online.”
DwellIcious for OpenRealty and WordPress
“It is my opinion that Dwellicious is going to be as big as any of the macro services currently so popular in social networking and it is my gut feeling that integration with other services is on the horizon.”

Also form Jared…

Dwellicious WordPress Plugin
“Hey a quick note, we have a new FREE plugin for WordPress ready to roll. As soon as WordPress approves it I’ll upload it to WordPress and you can display your bookmarked listings into a blog post or a featured listings widget.”

Plus John L. Scott announced a their new JLSconnect service.

John L. Scott Real Estate Launches Social Networking Experience
“JLSconnect adds new social networking capabilities to the Property Tracker experience that makes it possible for
 people to easily share and exchange comments on interested properties with  others. ”


1 Response to “Maybe we’re on to something….”

  1. 1 Jonathan June 5, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Hey In reference to the plugin and addon by Jared Ritchey, I read what he posted and I think this would be ideal for bloggers and Realtors alike. I’m not just saying that as a relative of his either.

    Jared published WP Featured Listings which puts featured listings into blog sites, but it is dependent on OpenRealty.

    His new one would make Dwellicious the place to put listings in order to be featured. A great linking opportunity in my opinion.

    Data Conversion Specialist

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