Does the world really need a new CMA application?

Yes. We think it does.

This is Part I in our “Does the world really need a new CMA program?” series in which we blog about the creation of our latest web application, Cloud CMA.

Anyone that knows Dan and I knows that we have had a history creating CMA software applications. In fact many of our friends were surprised when our new software company, W&R Studios, first launched Dwellicious, a social bookmarking site/tool for real estate, rather than a new CMA application.

Old Hat

Old Hat

To be honest both Dan and I had a “been there, done that” kind of feeling about building a new CMA application. But after successfully launching Dwellicious and Dwellicious Pro our thoughts came back to how we could really do something innovative and fresh with MLS data, APIs and the input and distribution of reports.

So in the next few weeks we are going to write about our process in creating this next generation CMA web application. We are already well under way. Some of you seen we have a name and logo already chosen at

We also want to talk about the history of CMA programs. Remember SuperCMA? How about J. Williams’ “System for Success Suite”? (Sellmore? ShowPro? EasyFlyer? Anyone, anyone?) I’ve heard there are still a few Lightning CMA Plus users out there.

We think it is also important to discuss how things have changed with MLS, listing data, the real estate market, and the web. A good CMA is a core application/tool for a real estate professional, so we think starting from there is a good idea.

We really have some great ideas about this new app. And it’s always a fun time creating something new. We both definitely have our head in the clouds! ; )



4 Responses to “Does the world really need a new CMA application?”

  1. 2 Diane Ward October 12, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Like the logo you choose for cloudcma. It doesn’t look like teeth. Best of luck on the new venture.

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