If you can use email, you can generate a report on Cloud CMA!

This is Part IV in our “Does the world really need a new CMA program?” series in which we blog about the creation of our latest web application, Cloud CMA.

UI- Oh My!

Form should follow function so before I share some of the design elements of the Cloud CMA user interface I want to briefly discuss what key innovations we have included.

Today I’m going to talk about the first.

1. If you can use email, you can create a report on Cloud CMA.

Recently Dan Woolley sent out this Tweet:


Cloud CMA is really a report generator.
When we launch Cloud CMA it will be able to generate 3 types of reports:

Buyer Tour
Property Profile

The idea of using email to generate reports came from using services like TripIt and Posterous. Here’s how it works:

Assuming a Cloud CMA subscriber has already set up their account (loaded their profile and contact information, and chosen a default report theme). Now a Cloud CMA subscriber can simply generate reports by sending an email to one of 3 email addresses:


In the example of creating a Buyer Tour. All the Cloud CMA subscriber has to do is give the report a title, such as “The Rudolph Family” in the Subject Field, and the MLS numbers of the homes they wish to include on the tour in the Subject Body of the email. That’s it!


In mere minutes a completely customized and personalized report will be emailed back to the agent. The agent can then print the report, forward the report to their buyer, or both.


And if the agent wishes to do so they could include their buyer email address in the CC: field and the buyer will receive the report once it is generated!

Of course they can alternatively log on and use the Cloud CMA web application to create the report, but if they already know the properties they want to include on the CMA, Buyer Tour or Property Profile they can just send an email.


This is also a great way for subscribers to use Cloud CMA via their mobile phone. We are also playing around with creating reports by sending a direct message to @CloudCMA on Twitter.

Next up, MLS + API = Something Special


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