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IRES chooses Cloud CMA!

We are super excited about this and wanted to share it with everyone before we formally send the press release out next week. Many thanks to Lauren and her team who have been great to work with.

W&R Studios to provide their innovative new web application, Cloud CMA, to Colorado MLS provider Information and Real Estate Services, LLC (IRES)
IRES to include Cloud CMA as part of their MLS services.

Boca Raton, FL., December 21, 2009 – W&R Studios, a privately held software company, focusing on creating the next generation of web applications for real estate, announced that they have signed a contract with Information and Real Estate Services, LLC, to provide IRES subscribers with their new Cloud CMA web application.

Cloud CMA is a new report system that blends data from MLS systems and top websites. Reports are personalized marketing tools that help real estate professionals take their clients to the next level, whether its signing a listing contract or writing an offer. Cloud CMA reports can also be created by using any smartphone.

Lauren Emery, CEO of IRES said, “Cloud CMA is easy to use, as promised. There is not anything like it in the market today. We believe our members will truly embrace the product and help their businesses tremendously.”

Greg Robertson, co-founder of W&R Studios, stated. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with IRES. They are a great organization and we look forward to working with them and their membership for many years to come.”

About W&R Studios

Founded in 2008, W&R Studios is a privately held software company. W&R Studios focuses on creating the next generation of web-based software solutions for the real estate industry. By providing a “less is more” approach to software design, elegant user interfaces, and using the latest in agile programming, W&R Studios’ software applications are at the same time powerful, yet accessible to everyone. Co-founders Dan Woolley and Greg Robertson each have over 15 years experience developing and marketing software solutions. For more info please visit


IRES was formed in 1996 as a regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in Colorado by five Boards and Associations of REALTORS® in Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, and Loveland/Berthoud. IRES is also the MLS provider for Estes Park, Logan County and Morgan County and has gained a reputation of providing an innovative and robust system for real estate professionals. Additional information about IRES (Information and Real Estate Services) can be found on their company web site at


Cloud CMA makes 2009 Top 5 List!

Real estate technology guru and consultant, Matt Cohen, has published his “2009 Real Estate Industry Top 5 Recap”. You can check it out here.

Cloud CMA receives an honorable mention. Matt states…

“Honorable Mention: Cloud CMA – just announced and not big … yet. I think it’s important because it illustrates and brings awareness to the power of mash-ups for real estate business apps.”

Matt was one of the 20 or so demos we gave at the recent N.A.R. convention in San Diego last month. We are super excited Matt sees the potential for Cloud CMA and looking forward to bringing Cloud CMA to the market next month.

Keep tuning in for updates on the launch schedule for Cloud CMA.



It’s that time of year again…

W&R Studios


Date: 12/4/2009

RE: Secret Santa

There will be no Secret Santa this year. This is due to the fact that the company consists of only two people.

Thank you,


Putting it all together- The look and feel of Cloud CMA

This is Part VI in our “Does the world really need a new CMA program?” series in which we blog about the creation of our latest web application, Cloud CMA.

Putting it all together- The look and feel of Cloud CMA

First things first I have to start out by giving credit to our design partners at Wake Interactive. Damien and his guys did a great job on Dwellicious and really blew the doors off with the design concepts for Cloud CMA. As I said before we did about 20 demos in San Diego and everyone was blown away by the UI design of Cloud CMA.

Our goal from the start was to lessen the steps in creating a report. Cloud CMA may not do everything that other CMA applications do but it damn well was going to be the most intuitive.

We also wanted to really do something innovative with the way data is displayed and sorted. One of our biggest arguments/discussions/brain storms was centered around the use of grids/tables. Dan thought grids were too old school and wanted to come up with something new. I was worried that while a grid/table might be old school, they worked really well when you wanted to sort and display data.

No Grid!

We went to what we call “listing cards”. They convey information in many ways: numbers, text, color and iconography. See the screen shot below:


You can change the order of these cards (say for a buyer tour) by simply dragging them:

Just click, and drag

When you deselect the listing it simply fades in to the background (very sexy!):

Bad comps don't die, they fade away....

If you want to see further information about the listing you can simply click on the “Detail & Adjustments” link to expand the card:

Listing Card- Expanded view

We think listing cards will be a hit with our customers.
They convey a ton of information with just a look. You also don’t have to open another window to see more detail. They might not be useful when you have a lot of listings to sort through, as in an MLS system, but with smaller lists we think they are the new hotness!

We also used this card concept in how we display saved reports. Once you have created a report we save it as a card under the respective tab.

My saved reports

These cards show the report name, when it was last updated and have action links to either edit, delete, email or print reports.

A saved report

So by ditching the grid, opting for more white space and using color and iconography we really think we have done a great deal to make Cloud CMA, for lack of a better phrase, a truly “Web 2.0” application. There have been sacrifices. It the pursuit of simplicity Cloud CMA will not be as flexible as other CMA applications. But with flexibility comes complexity. We believe Cloud CMA has the right mix of intuitiveness and a rich feature set.

Next up, getting MLS data in to Cloud CMA. The fight for simplicity rages on….