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Cloud CMA – When it rains it pours!!

Ever since Dan and I came down from the Empire State Building in New York we seem to be going at lightning speed!

[See photos from our launch of Cloud CMA at the Empire State Building here.]

We had a great time in New York at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference. It was good to see everyone and show them what we’ve been working on. The response was fantastic!

At the event Dan and I were on a few panels, Dan moderated the Connect Tech portion of the conference and the content and attendance was great.

I had a chance to participate in the “Start-up Shoot Out!” This is where 7 entrepreneurs got to pitch their product. Then investors and audience members would weigh in on what product they liked the best.

You can see a video of the panel(s) at Inman News (you must be a premium subscriber) The first video is “the entrepreneurs” on stage, the second video is where “the investors” give their opinions on which product they would invest in.

All 3 investors singled out Cloud CMA and iPromote. In the end Nabewise won the grand prize, but Cloud CMA also received a prize of $2,500 in free advertising on Inman News. Read the full story here.

Then the guys at 1000watt Consulting posted a great review of Cloud CMA on their popular 1000watt Blog. And I quote…

“The application – which, as the name suggests, is a Web-based CMA and property report tool – evidences a deep mindfulness of end-users. Greg Robertson and Dan Woolley at W&R Studios, the brains behind CloudCMA, have raised the bar on UI design for real estate software by applying this sensibility.”

It was really great to hear they thought so highly of the product because we really respect those guys.

Then earlier this week we launched our first MLS customer, IRES in Colorado. The entire IRES staff and the wizards at RealGo have been a pleasure to work with. So far the response has been great from IRES members. Here’s an snapshot from IRES’ Facebook page:



Welcome IRES members!

We want to welcome all the new IRES members to Cloud CMA. We launched yesterday and so far everything has gone better than expected! Here some stats for you to chew on…

Stats from yesterday:

User signups 112
Reports created 134
Listings downloaded 1671

Remember if you have any ideas to make Cloud CMA better please e-mail us at


-Greg & Dan