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NEW=> Dwellicious Blog-“Chew On This!”

In the past we had just used this blog , Lightning | Twice, to talk about Dwellicious. But we found that to be problematic since Dwellicious has both a consumer side as well as a professional side; Dwellicious Pro.

So we created a new blog dedicated to Dwellicious exclusively. It’s called “Chew On This!

To find out what’s it all about come by and visit the site!



Real Estate Walkabout – Episode I

Okay, I’m back from the Inman Connect conference. The conference was great and W&R Studios was very busy. Dan moderated a workshop called “Connect Tech”, that was well received. Dan was also a judge on two panels, one having to do with new business ideas (Connect LaunchPad) and Connect Create (I’ve already written about this here).

We also took part in StartUp Alley. This was two heavy trafficked sessions where we got a chance to demo Dwellicious to a lot of new people. The response was great!

startup alley sign

SA Table

And as many of you know we (Dwellicious) didn’t win the Inman Innovator Award for “Most Innovative Technology”, that honor went to, so congrats to them. I was kinda bummed, but buoyed by the great feedback we had received at the show. We even got a few unsolicited “shout outs” during the final session!

Walkabout New Logo

But enough about the conference, I’ve got a job to do, and that’s to spread the word about Dwellicious and how it can help agents and brokers engage with today’s buyers and sellers!

I have a few stories to tell about a few office visit, but I thought I would start off with something I like to call, “How I roll”.

My new license plate frame!

My new license plate frame!

My Rig.

My trunk.  Extension cord, Check!  Flyers, Check! Projector. Check!

My trunk. Extension cord, Check! Flyers, Check! Projector. Check!

MacBook Pro
OSX 10.5.7
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

iPhone 3Gs

I use FireFox 3.5 as my primary browser and Tweetie for my Twiiter client on my phone and computer.

My strategy:

I’m going old school.

Drive by local real estate offices and try to get a meeting with the broker. If the broker is not available I leave a Dwellicious Pro Flyer along with my card. Then I follow up later in the week. The end result I hope to do is have a meeting with the broker and get included on their weekly/month sales meetings with their agents.

So that’s how I roll. Check back later this week when I write about my first office drive bys and my first broker meeting.


New Dwellicious Pro video

Some of you have already seen this but I’m going to make a few edits, so I’d like your opinion.

too fast? / too slow?

love it? / hate it?

Understood the product? / Didn’t have a clue?


too short? / too long?

Feedback wanted!

Interviews from Jon Lansner’s blog for the Orange County Register

I contacted Jon about a week ago. Jon works as a real estate writer for the Orange Country Register and also runs a very popular blog for the paper called “Lansner on Real Estate”. His blog is great fun and always an interesting read. He was interested in Dwellicious but more importantly of how social media was changing real estate. We talked a lot and he sent me over a few questions to answer. Below are links to Part I and Part II of that interview.

Online information rocking housing world

Can Realtors afford not to be LinkedIn?

Dwellicious named as finalist for 2009 Inman Innovator award!!!

We had a nice surprise show up in our inbox today. Inman News announced it’s finalists for their Inman “Innovator Awards” and Dwellicious was on their list!!


Dwellicious is under the category “Most Innovative New Technology”.

Dan and I our both very excited about this, in the 18 years of creating software for the real estate industry we’ve never had such recognition.

Take a look at the other finalists…

Most innovative new technology
Walk Score
Zillow iPhone app

Looks like we have some stiff competition.

I guess we’ll all find out on Friday, August 7th.

Good luck everyone!

Maybe we’re on to something….

There have been a few posts lately from various blogs in the past week talking about Dwellicious and/or tools that provide some of the same functionality. Good to see that the idea is catching on…
The Move Towards Collaborative Search Online
“This is largely an activity that to date has largely only happened offline. Collaborating with a spouse or partner in a house hunt is certainly nothing new, as is passing around a listing sheet or property flyer to friends and family. But you now have a whole breed of web-based applications (Dwellicious also springs to mind) that are helping better enable this activity online.”
DwellIcious for OpenRealty and WordPress
“It is my opinion that Dwellicious is going to be as big as any of the macro services currently so popular in social networking and it is my gut feeling that integration with other services is on the horizon.”

Also form Jared…

Dwellicious WordPress Plugin
“Hey a quick note, we have a new FREE plugin for WordPress ready to roll. As soon as WordPress approves it I’ll upload it to WordPress and you can display your bookmarked listings into a blog post or a featured listings widget.”

Plus John L. Scott announced a their new JLSconnect service.

John L. Scott Real Estate Launches Social Networking Experience
“JLSconnect adds new social networking capabilities to the Property Tracker experience that makes it possible for
 people to easily share and exchange comments on interested properties with  others. ”

Dwellicious featured on Web 2.0 Blog “Inside the Webb”

Recently we were approached by Jake Rocheleau who writes for a blog, called “Inside the Webb“, which focuses on popular Web 2.0 sites.

Jake had very good questions, you could tell he had really explored the site. So check out Jake’s site and tell us what you think!


Interview with Dwellicious – Organizing and Sharing Your Real Estate Bookmarks