Introducing our first Dwellicious screencast! I ended up using a program called iShowU HD. I was very happy with how well it worked, and how it integrated with iMovie 08.

I really hate just the static screenshot with a voice over. You normally can’t read what people are typing and they just get too boring. With iShowU HD I was able to zoom-in to certain sections of the screen so you could see what was being typed, and it broke up the action to keep things moving.

I decided to do music in the background with titles describing the action (no voice over). I knew the music had to be an instrumental. I’m a big John Coltrane fan so I just picked out a song that worked, which to me was “My Favorite Things”. It seemed fitting for a site letting you pick out your favorite homes.

Depending on your internet connection you might want to press Play then Pause it and wait for it to load so you doesn’t get too choppy.

We are creating other videos that may be more “traditional” (would love some input on this). But I wanted to start off with something fun.

iMovie 08 was helpful when I put together the last 30 secs of the video where I created a “build up” with a series of text place-cards and logos then ended on credits.

I also did a “REMIX” of the screencast with different music and no titles. I extended the last bit to last almost a minute. If you are interested check it out here.



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