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Trulia hearts Dwellicious?

Do you notice anything familiar with Trulia’s new “Tabbed Browsing“?

Here’s what Trulia’s tabs looks like…

Trulia Tabs

For Dwellicious users this might seems a bit, how should I say….”been there done that”?

dwellicious tabs

Of course you could have the best of both worlds by just creating a Dwellicious bookmark that links back to Trulia!

And, no, the irony is not lost on us. Just saying…..

; )



New Dwellicious Screencasts!

I just wanted to share with you that we have introduced 4 new videos that will help you get more from Dwellicious.

Installing the Dwellicious bookmarklet to IE 8

Installing the Dwellicious bookmarklet to IE7

Creating your first property bookmark on Dwellicious

Also, in case you didn’t hear about it has integrated Dwellicious on their site. We are very excited about this, so members in the Central Valley area please take a look at this short video. and Dwellicious