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2 new Dwellicious screencasts!

I wanted to announce 2 new Dwellicious screencasts.

The first one is a quick tutorial on how to install the “Add to Dwellicious” bookmarklet to Internet Explorer. Unlike Firefox, Safari, or Chrome where you simply drag the bookmarklet up to your toolbar, Microsoft makes it a bit tricky. I’ve updated the instructions and thought this screencast would be a good complement.

But, the second screencast I’m really excited about! This was done by Maureen McDonald of Demo Girl! She also wrote a great post about the site.

As I written about before I’m am not a big fan of the sound of my recorded voice, most of the time I feel like I’m talking with rocks in my mouth. Not Demo Girl!! She does an excellent job of showing the highlights of the site in a really clear way with good examples.

Thanks Demo Girl!